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** NEW CDs **

Been listening to a new CD this afternoon by Rick and Pam Butsch..."THE CIRCUS OF THE CURIOUS"...

Every CD I think is their best...until this one comes to me. WOW!

From the first hypnotic guitar and piano music of "OVERTURE", to Rick's deep voice crooning about "the dark side of my mind", this CD grabs you and leads you into another realm.

The music changes beats according to where your journey takes you. "THE MEAT PARADE", for example, was a song from an interesting the beat! And, there was an amusing description of tattoos in "VALLERI, THE HUMAN TRAPEZE". So much fun!

"THE CIRCUS OF THE CURIOUS" is a CD of thought, love, laughter, and contemplation. My absolute favorite song was "SPYDER AND THE FLYE"...this song allowed Rick to shine at his feisty best!

"SING US A SONG" at the end, is like an excellent after dinner wine or dessert...the perfect ending for your visit to "THE CIRCUS OF THE CURIOUS".

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