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Stories in Sound


We are independent artists who have been recording original music at Briarpatch Audio Productions in Louisville, KY since 2016.
We draw from varying styles and genres: Americana, blues, folk, country, light jazz, ballads, and more. We have recorded 8 CD'S. All are available through our website.  We will soon return to the studio to begin recording our next CD, “The Circus of the Curious,” a Bertolt Brechtian musical.
Samples of our music are available on YouTube if you look up, “Pam Butsch.”
Our music is not easily categorized: Each album has a thread running through it, but the individual songs cover a wide range of subjects. Some songs are introspective, some are satirical, some draw from literary works, and some deal with political or regional concerns.. On "Tabula Raga," we even adapted a song sung by an African children's choir to include lyrics that Rick composed. Rick has also composed music for a number of poems written by the likes of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, W.B. Yeats, E.A. Robinson, and William Blake.
Through serendipity, we met a brilliant local producer/musician/recording engineer, Fred Bogert. With his talent and vision, he has helped us navigate this journey
We're asking $15.00 for the CD's and $3.00 to cover postage.
As yet, we have not made our music available for streaming.  We harken back to the days of owning tactile copies of albums, including artwork and liner notes.
As an available bonus to our 4th album, "Yonder," we have a very limited edition printed booklet that includes the song lyrics as well as copies of 11 of Rick's paintings that correspond with the 11 songs on the album. It's available for $18.00, as well.
We have posted samples from the albums on YouTube. If you're interested in checking them out, just go to Youtube and type in, "Pam Butsch." I've posted several songs from our  CD's. (I've indicated which songs are on our albums).
We welcome questions and comments.
If you wish to purchase one or more CD's, message us on this site.
If you've read this far, thanks for hanging in there.

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